Additional Services

Life Insurance Trust

The Life Insurance Trust is designed to pay life insurance beneficiaries in a tax-free way and exclude life insurance from your taxable estate. A Life Insurance Trust can be added to any of the Estate Plan Packages.

$2,500 – $3,000

Children’s Protection Plan

The Children’s Protection Plan consists of documents and directives to know that your children will always be in the care of trusted friends and family. The Children’s Protection Plan is included with Gold and Platinum Legacy Protection Plan Packages or can be purchased separately.

$500 (if purchased separately)


 A codicil is an amendment to an existing will. The codicil allows an individual to modify an existing will without having to execute a new one. This device can be helpful and save money if circumstances change after the original will was prepared.

$350 (simple will); $500+ if change involves pour-over will and trust

Gift Planning

 We can help you prepare the documentation to make either a testamentary gift in your will or a gift during your lifetime to charities, philanthropic organizations, schools and universities, churches and religious groups or other organizations that you designate. You can also set up gifts as a part of your overall estate and use the gifts to provide for your beneficiaries in addition to using trusts and other devices as part of a comprehensive estate planning strategy.

$500+ (depending on amount and beneficiary, included in certain Legacy Protection Plans)

Additional Legal Services

While we are able to accomplish most estate planning and legacy protection projects using our flat fees, there are circumstances where we need to work on an hourly basis. Our attorneys are experienced with project planning and working within budgets to meet client objectives. Every legacy protection plan we prepare is specially designed for each client. If custom services are needed, we will prepare an estimate of the total cost of the legal work that needs to be done and present it prior to beginning work on the project. Throughout the process, we will be in contact with you and make sure you understand what we are doing and why.

Additional legal services will be billed at $350/hour.